Vacuum Thermoform Type

JIMEI PLAST supplies the furniture industry with high performance, PVC-free plastic surfaces for the processing possibilities of flat lamination, postforming and thermoforming. High gloss surfaces for all types of furniture fittings in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or office.

The carrier layer is colored PETG sheet and the top layer is high gloss transparent PETG sheet . A combination not only maintain the colour stability but also achieve an innovative co-extruded plastic semi-finished material with virtually unlimited application possibilities.


Anti-Scratch PETG Decorative Foils, a new type high-tech decoration material, owns high quality and provides the solutions to the defects of the traditional materials generated in the manufacturing and usage process. It possesses the better way to be energy saving and environmental protection as well as initiates a low carbon living environment. Therefore, it is a truly green product. These days, this product not only has been using around the developed counties, such as the USA, Japan, Korea and Europe, but also has been the fashion leader in the building decoration industry and beloved by designers and customers.


1)Environmental-Friendly: non-toxic, recyclable, biodegradable and a kind of advanced green advanced Power Efficiency Technology material.
2)Chemical Stability: no crack, discoloration, not easy to fold, bending without white marks, and excellent toughness.
3)Protective Persistency: wear resistant, scraping resistance, humidity Resistance, corrosion-resistant, heat-and -cold resistance and ease of decaling, which can make it looks new after used and with long service life
4)Block Sealing: almost zero permeability, effective shield against toxic gas, such as formaldehyde, benzene, dioxin, released by all kinds of materials like cement, coatings and adhesives.


1.Widely applied for high-grade furniture, cabinet,household appliances, ambry, chest, door, condole top, interior wall decoration, etc.
2.Decoration wall, door, column, ceiling, receiption desk, shop column,
3. logo,furniture surface, lamp shield, desk top surface,background wall, all light through effect
4.wall decoration, wall partition, room divider, door insert, sliding door, cabinet door, partition, reception insert,bar face insert, horizontal surface panel, screen pan;
6.applicable for bar,club,restaurant,sanitary ware,hotel,residential,retail,wall decoration
7.wall partition, room divider, door insert, sliding door, cabinet door, space partition
8.reception insert,bar face insert, horizontal surface panel, screen pan;
9.applicable for bar,club,restaurant,sanitary ware,hotel,residential,retail etc.

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