Polystyrene Diffusion Sheet

OPTIX-LD-Light-Diffusing-Acrylic_White - 7328

LED-Shade-PS-Light-Diffuser-Sheet-for-Down-Lightlight-diffuser-led-homeSlider PS Light Diffusion Sheet

PS Light Diffusion Sheet-1PS Light Diffusion Sheet-2PS-Polystyrene-sheets (3)

PS-Polystyrene-sheets (2)PS-Polystyrene-sheets (5)PS-Polystyrene-sheets (6)

Feature of JIMEI PS Diffuser Sheet

  • Excellent superior weather resistance
  • High rate of light penetration
  • Strong and durable,100%recyclable,non-toxic
  • Impervious to moisture, insects, salts
  • Broad-use
  • Cheap- maintenance fee
  • Excellent function to uvioresistant
  • Excellent in insulating the electricity
  • Good chemical tolerance ect.

Standard size 1200x2440mm, 1220x2440mm, 1380x1680mm, 1160x1160mm, 1160x1600mm, 1170x1380mm, 1200x1380mm etc.

Thickness 1.0mm – 3.0mm

Color clear, opal, matt clear, matt opal


1. LED Panel Light
2. Office Lighting
3. Consumer Luminaries
4. Landscape Lighting Luminaries
5. Industrial Lighting Luminaries
6. Street Lighting

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